New SLD at 830nm with 50mW output!

New SLD in our product portfolio!

Innolume introduces new superluminescent light emitting diode at short wavelength of 830nm.

This SLD provides 50mW ex fiber and it’s a perfect component for OCT, sensors and spectroscopy applications.

You can review the preliminary specification of SLD-830-10-YY-50 and contact us to share your project details – we are offering customized solutions!

Pump lasers for Bismuth Doped Fiber Amplifiers (BDFA)

Pump lasers for BDFA in our product portfolio!

Exciting news from Innolume! The company launched the production of pump lasers for Bismuth Doped Fiber Amplifiers (BDFA) with an impressive power output of 500mW. These cutting-edge lasers operate at a wavelength of 1190 nm and are based on Innolume’s GaAs quantum dot technology, which offers exceptional reliability and power levels.

BDFA technology has been around since the 2000s, but it’s only recently become practical thanks to the availability of cost-efficient Bismuth doped fiber and high-power quantum dot pump lasers offered by Innolume. BDFAs have the potential to significantly extend the reach of O band transmission to 80km spans, which could replace C band fiber links with O band links. This is great news for companies looking to increase the bandwidth of their existing fiber links.

DFBs with optical isolators to enhance stable operation!

New DFB-VO in our product portfolio!

Innolume`s Distributed Feedback Lasers are now available with built-in optical isolators to enhance stable operation of laser.

This is an option for fiber coupled DFB modules in 1020-1330nm wavelength range.

Any wavelength is possible with just 1nm step tolerance. Our DFBs are suitable for seeding application and usage in DWDM systems.

Review the new specifications in DFB product section and contact us for the details!

Our Postdeadline Paper presentation at OFC 2023!

Our Postdeadline Paper presentation at OFC 2023!

We are glad to announce, that our paper “High-performance O-band QD DFB laser for uncooled operation” has been sessioned by the Technical Program Committee for a Postdeadline Paper presentation  at the OFC 2023 meeting which is scheduled from 05-09 March 2023.

OFC 2023 will be a hybrid meeting. Technical sessions will be presented live from the Pacific Daylight Time Zone (PST, UTC -08:00) with a recorded archive available later for on-demand viewing.

Paper Information
Control Number: 3903651
Paper Title: High-performance O-band QD DFB laser for uncooled operation
Author block: Vladimir Mikhrin(1); Artem Zhabotinskii(1); Mikhail Buyalo(1); Sergei Poltavtsev(1); Sergey Mikhrin(1); Alexey Gubenko(1) and Alexey Kovsh(2); 1. Innolume GmbH., Dortmund, Germany. 2. Alfalume, Los Gatos, CA, United States.

Presentation Information
Presenting Author: Alexey Kovsh
Presentation ID: Th4A.1
Presentation Time: 4:30 PM to 4:45 PM Pacific Time
Session Abbreviation: Th4A
Session Title: Postdeadline Paper Session I
Session Time and Dates: March 9, 2023 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific Time
Session Location: Room 6C

Our partner Alfalume announces availability of 1.3 μm high power uncooled QD Lasers

Alfalume Inc. in partnership with Innolume GmbH, today announces sample availability of its O-band high power InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot DFB lasers which offers best-in-class output power, wall plug efficiency, temperature range as well as fundamentally better reliability of QD lasers compared to QW counterparts.

The Aflalume QD lasers provide significant benefits for high speed datacom transceivers, including record high power and conversion efficiency at temperatures above 85℃ without requiring thermoelectric coolers, optical isolator free operation, and lower cost due to significantly reduced component costs and better assembly yields.

“Our QD laser technology matches the operation temperature of photonics to the highest operating temperature of modern electronics. There is no other technology today which can provide the power level of O-band DFB lasers above 200mW with power efficiency of 20% at 105°C with the ability to operate efficiently up to 150°C” said Alexey Kovsh, Alfalume CEO. “Our uncooled lasers are ideal for pluggable transceivers offering the highest efficiency at high temperatures”.

QD DFB lasers offer the following performance characteristics: 

For 800G/1600G-DR8, a single QD laser can be used for all eight channels, resulting in lower component counts, better assembly yield and lower cost optical transceivers. QD Lasers are ideal for both Silicon Photonics and all new EO Modulation technologies including TFLN and BTO/Si. In addition QD Lasers are ideal for Remote Laser Modules for CPO and LIDAR applications. 

“The power of a single Innolume laser allows us to have a significant power margin for our DR8 Lithium Niobate modulators ‘, said Xinlun Cai, Liobate CEO.  “This enables better manufacturing yield and lower cost transceivers.”

About Alfalume Inc.

Alfalume in partnership with Innolume GmbH to develop and bring to market leading edge quantum-dot laser solutions for datacom, LIDAR and other applications. Together the two companies have more than 100 customers worldwide.  

Alfalume is a trademark of Alfalume Inc.. Innolume is a trademark of Innolume GmbH.  Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

OFC 2023 San Diego

Learn about Innolume’s new Quantum Dot products at OFC 2023!

Next event in our schedule is OFC exhibition in San Diego! Glad to see you at out partner booth 3250 – Alfalume Inc.

Together we’ll present latest Quantum Dot product innovations:
• High-power, high-temperature DFB for optical transceivers delivering over 200mW of power with 20% PCE at 100°C
• Highly efficient comb lasers with 8 – 64 channels for DWDM communication
• High power optical amplifier delivering 1W of CW power at 80°C for uncooled FMCW LiDAR systems

5 – 9 March 2023

San Diego, California, United States