Innolume’s Quantum Dot technology for Silicon Photonics Datacom applications
High reliability, low sensitivity to optical feedback and operation at high temperature – our Datacom solutions are made for precision and reliability.

Our Quantum Dot technology offers many possibilities for the fiber optic communication market and our temperature insensitive (up to 100°C) DFB Laser with 100mW output power is ideal for cost-effective and reliable equipment.

A broad product range and various customized solutions for Datacom as well as a well-established development and production infrastructure enable us to supply customers from all over the world with high-power technology that meets the highest standards. Our experts are always ready to help you find the right solution!

Our Datacom solutions –
an overview

As of this moment, the “Innolume for Datacom” portfolio features a variety of product lines designed to serve many different datacom architectures and approaches:

COMB Laser

A COMB laser, designed to support developments of high capacity DWDM links.

DFB Laser

2020 Prizm Award winner, the Innolume High power/High temperature (200mW @ 100°C) DFB Laser is targeting to feed multiple links being split.

Booster Optical Amplifier (BOA)

The Booster Optical Amplifier (400mW ex-fiber) also helps in all solutions requiring optical power split.

FP Laser array

Our 50mW @ 100°C FP laser array opened the door to mass-production after signing the contract with a new player on the datacom market.

An industry highlight: Quantum Dot technology for the datacom market

Over all of its history, Innolume has been working continuously on bringing the advantages of Quantum Dots technology to Datacom and the fiber optic communication market. High reliability, low sensitivity to optical feedback and operation at high temperature have always been attractive advantages sought out by the industry.

“We have to thank all the Tier 1 companies who have been supporting us throughout our development journey. Without their close cooperation and support, it would not have been possible to release products which are exceptionally close to the targets set by the market”, says Alexey Shkolnik, Director Bus.Dev. of Innolume.

You want to learn more about our Quantum Dots technology for Datacom? Get in touch and learn more about your possibilities with our products and support!

Datacom with Innolume – your reliable partner for sustainable, innovative solutions


The Datacom market is always in motion – with our products, you can be ready for the next step and develop sustainable as well as flexible solutions.


We offer high-power technology made to fit your specs and expectations. Choose fast turn-arounds in development and production with Innolume.


From the first consultation to the finished product, we support you with expertise and experience. Standard products or custom items – both is possible with Innolume.

Cost- & energy-efficient: Our 100mW DFB Laser at 100°C

Our Quantum Dots technology products are not the only Datacom innovation Innolume has to offer. We have also developed and released the first generation of DFB Lasers with 100mW output power and ~20% wall plug efficiency that are temperature insensitive up to 100°C. This technical achievement can become an essential component for the future of Datacom equipment.

This product is made to substantially reduce laser costs and power consumption. By eliminating multiple low output power lasers, it offers an estimated cost savings of 90% and up to 50% total power savings since it can be operated without cooling.

Saving energy and cost is not the only advantage: By enabling lower channel costs, our DFB Laser for Datacom can accelerate the ability of datacenters to handle the growing demand in data processing. Featuring 180mW@100°C and providing 100mW at the fixed current in the whole
25-100°C temperature range, our high-power DFB Laser is able to both substitute existing solutions and to create a new market segment by enabling a completely new system architecture.

Learn more about our solutions for a sustainable and efficient Datacom system architecture. Our experts are standing by to advise you.