Laser Diode Drivers

Innolume offers several compact solutions including 14-pin butterfly mount, current driver and TEC controller in one box. Drivers provide fast and convenient powering of any of Innolume single mode fiber coupled device such as High Power FP/FBG laser, SLD/SOA, or DFB/DBR. Being purchased in one batch, the laser will be comprehensively tested together with the driver.

Laser Diode Driver Specifications

Part numberLD Current
control range
TEC current
LDD-14pin-2A0.06 – 22All-in-one CW laser diode driver135 x 200 x 54Manual, Software
LDD-14pin-1.5A0.03 – 1.51.5OEM CW Butterfly laser diode driver135 x 64 x 18Manual, Software
LDD-14pin-2A-SFF0.03 – 24OEM CW Butterfly laser diode driver85 x 100 x 31Manual, Software
LDD-14pin-2A-GS0 – 21.5Picosecond laser diode driver.
Designed for Gain-switching operation.
Optical pulse duration: > 50ps.
60 x 85 x 21Manual, Software
LDD-14pin-2A-ns0 – 21.5Nanosecond laser diode driver.
Pulse duration: 1-100ns
60 x 85 x 21Manual, Software

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