Broad-area Laser Diodes

Multi-mode Edge Emitting High Power Laser Diodes (HPLD) up to 20W in 800-1330nm spectral range on C-mount, submounts or in fiber-coupled version.

Typical output power of Broad-area Laser Diodes

Wavelength, nmSubmount
90um Stripe130um Stripe250um Stripe
10306W8W12W, 15W
10606W8W12W, 15W
11006W8W12W, 15W
11206W8W12W, 15W
11504W5W7W, 9W
11804W5W7W, 9W
12004W5W7W, 9W
12104W5W7W, 9W
12704W5W7W, 9W
13104W5W7W, 9W