Postdeadline presentation at OFC 2024

Innolume’s Postdeadline presentation at OFC 2024

Innolume proudly announces it’s results on “High-Power O-band QD Booster Amplifier for Uncooled Operation” was selected for presentation at the Postdeadline Paper Session II at OFC 2024 (March 28, 5:30-5:45, Room 6E). High-power single-mode InGaAs QD-based BOA demonstrates almost 20dB amplification and reaches CW output power as high as 1.5W at room temperature and 0.7W at 105°C with PCE above 20%. To the best of our knowledge this is the maximum power ever reported for non-tapered Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, approaching power level of EDFA devices.  This level of performance enables more efficient and compact FMCW LiDAR and Free Space Communications systems.

About Innolume GmbH: Innolume GmbH stands at the forefront of laser diode fabrication, with a legacy of over two decades in developing and manufacturing quantum well and quantum dot laser diodes based on InGaAs/GaAs material systems. Catering to diverse market segments including Datacom, LiDAR, Industrial, and Scientific applications, Innolume has earned the trust of over 100 customers worldwide.
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