Quantum Dot Laser Technology Innovation – Innolume GmbH

Quantum Dot Laser Technology Innovation – Innolume GmbH

What is quantum dot laser technology based on? Quantum dots are small semiconductor structures in a host medium with higher electronic (energy) bandgap. Dot dimensions typically range from 2 to 10 nm or ~10 to 50 atoms. More specifically, quantum dots for laser diodes are self-organized nanostructures that form spontaneously and controllably on a lattice-mismatched III-V substrate during epitaxial growth processes, like MBE or MOCVD. They function by localizing charge carriers, i.e., electrons and holes (excitons), through quantum confinement. This restricts the three translational degrees of freedom and can dramatically enhance useful electronic properties.

At the moment quantum dots are perhaps the best practical example of emerging nanotechnologies.

Quantum dot technology allows significantly improved performance over a wide range of optoelectronic and electronic devices with applications in optical communications, sensing, medical and biological systems.

Innolume is dedicated to develop and expand applications for quantum dot laser technology by concluding extensive research and the development of advanced manufacturing processes. Innolume GmbH currently provides cutting-edge laser technology for a multitude of industries and we are working to further increase the use of this advanced technology.

Quantum dot laser technology by Innolume – available in a wide range of standard or customized solutions, based on the requirements of our clients and their industries. We are happy to provide you with additional information regarding our products and possible applications – feel free to contact us.

What our Quantum Dot laser technology can do for you

Quantum dots constitute the gain medium in virtually all of Innolume’s semiconductor diode lasers and related products. This is because their device structure, design and performance provide significant advantages over conventional quantum well heterostructures.

Based on this, quantum dot laser technology offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced threshold current
  • Temperature independence
  • Broadened gain spectrum
  • Low relative intensity noise

Historically, such advantages were more theoretical than practical since they were predicted on the basis of idealized quantum dot behaviour unperturbed by the host medium and structure. The reality is much more complicated. Full realization of the theoretical advantages has required years of MBE (molecular beam epitaxy) process development, heterostructure engineering and device optimization at the Innolume GmbH design center and wafer fab, located in Dortmund, Germany.

Quantum Dot laser solutions by Innolume

Today Innolume has achieved the promise of quantum dot laser nanotechnology for laser diodes, as well as for associated optical devices like gain-chips (GC), semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), light emitting diodes (LED), superluminescent diodes (SLD), and single- or multi-mode laser bars. Achievements include:

  • Temperature independent laser performance from -20º to 90º C
  • Broad lasing spectra (> 80 nm) with uniform intensity
  • Unique Comb laser diode device technology with 10 Gb/s error free modulation of multiple high power (≥ 5 mW) channels
  • Stable and robust mode-locking at high peak power
  • Laser performance that is significantly better than standard quantum well diode lasers

From a simple laser diode to a broad spectrum of laser-related products – the versatility of quantum dot laser technology is remarkable and further possible applications are yet to be discovered. Given the variety of advantages in comparison to conventional (quantum well based) laser products and the high reliability with superior efficiency, quantum dot laser technology will continue to strengthen its cross-sector relevance in the future.

Technical details regarding our quantum dot laser technology

Innolume’s preferred compound semiconductor material system is InAs/GaAs, namely, indium arsenide quantum dots in gallium arsenide with aluminium gallium arsenide barriers, all on gallium arsenide substrates. The lasing wavelength window for this system is between 1064 nm and 1320 nm, controlled by quantum dot size, distribution and indium concentration. Thus, Innolume’s quantum dot lasers fill the wavelength gap between quantum well lasers based on either GaAs (< 1100 nm) or InP (> 1300 nm). Quantum dots enable high power devices with high wall plug efficiency.

Quantum Dot laser technology by Innolume – based on experience and expertise

Innolume GmbH scientists and engineers have been involved in quantum dot nanotechnology applications for decades. Many of our technical staff trained at the world-famous Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia under Professor Alferov (2000 Nobel Laureate for laser heterostructure) and his colleagues. They specialize in MBE and laser technologies, coming together in 2003 to establish Innolume GmbH with the vision of commercializing quantum dot laser nanotechnology. All phases of fabrication are performed here, from MBE to packaging. To further improve its technology, in 2006 Innolume acquired Zia Laser in New Mexico, USA, a company with its own advanced quantum dot technology.

Dedication to excellence – innovative laser technology by Innolume

Given our long history with quantum dot laser technology and related products, we provide our customers with reliable, efficient and high-performance solutions that fit their needs and surpass expectations on a regular basis. At Innolume we work hard to bring these innovations to datacom, telecom, industrial, medical and science applications.

  • Outstanding quality
    We take great pride in the quality of our work and are constantly optimizing our manufacturing process. This enables us to ensure that all Innolume products exceed customer requirements.
  • High reliability
    From DBR/DFB laser to tunable and broad-band sources – all our products are proven result of innovation and dedication to optimal solutions. No matter the industry, our laser diodes are built to withstand extreme service conditions for a long period of time.
  • Customized solutions
    Standard or custom products – we provide the solutions our clients need. Whenever you have specific requirements or a product has critical specifications, we will work to deliver a superior product.

Do you need additional information regarding our quantum dot laser technology, standard products or a customized design that meets your specific requirements? Please contact us directly and one of our in-house experts will provide technical advice and help you to find a solution that fits your needs.