Products – Comb-Laser

The comb-laser is a light source with a spectrum consisting of frequency equidistant lines, each corresponding to one longitudinal cavity mode. The uniqueness of the comb-laser comes from the number of its lines in conjunction with their superior individual temporal stability. An ordinary multi-frequency diode laser suffers from the mode-partition noise (MPN), resulting in extensive fluctuation in time of the spectral lines, which hinders their applicability in optical communications. On the contrary, the relative intensity noise (RIN) of each spectral line of a quantum dot comb-laser is low enough to carry broadband data without errors or signal disappearance. The compact monolithic comb-laser diode chip is based on InAs/InGaAs quantum dots in GaAs/AlGaAs materials system.

Innolume is the premier manufacturer of ‘quantum dot’-based Comb diode lasers for application in optical interconnects. Generating a dozen of low noise equidistant spectral lines, this multi-wavelengths laser is a perfect light source to feed micro-ring modulators based optical transceivers for DWDM links. As well Innolume is developing arrays of DFB lasers and of Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for operation in combination with Si-photonics in CWDM systems at 1.3 um range.

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