The comb-laser is a light source with a spectrum consisting of equidistant lines, each corresponding to one longitudinal cavity mode. The emitted spectrum also shares one singular frequency. The uniqueness of the comb-laser comes from the number of its lines in conjunction with their superior individual temporal stability.

Due to these features, our comb laser serves as a low-noise optical frequency comb generator (OFC) of highest precision, enabling you to measure unknown frequencies or adjusting a laser to match a specific frequency. Based on these characteristics, our comb lasers are especially useful in datacom and telecommunication applications.

Innolume is one of the leading manufacturers of laser diodes for a multitude of industries. We rely on quality and innovation – get in touch with us, receive individual advice regarding the usage of our products and feel free to request help for custom solutions for your applications.

Specification documents

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Comb laser – Excellent solution for optical communications

An ordinary multi-frequency diode laser suffers from the mode-partition noise (MPN), resulting in extensive fluctuation in time of the spectral lines, which hinders their applicability in optical communications. On the contrary, the relative intensity noise (RIN) of each spectral line of a quantum dot comb-laser is low enough to carry broadband data without errors or signal disappearance. The compact monolithic comb-laser diode chip is based on InAs/InGaAs quantum dots in GaAs/AlGaAs material systems.

Comb laser by Innolume – Our products and their benefits

Our optical frequency comb generator simplifies measuring the frequency of light significantly. When it comes to the precise transference of frequency and phase information, our quantum dot-based comb laser technology is unrivalled – here are some of the main benefits:

Reduced fluctuation
Our comb laser technology is optimized to minimize the occurrence and the effect of mode hopping, preventing phase jitter and mode partition noise. This enables a broader applicability of the optical frequency comb technology.

High accuracy
Through highest precision in development and manufacturing, our quantum dot comb laser delivers highly accurate measurements over a long period of time. This ensures exact results and minimizes tuning efforts.

Due to an optimized stability and a constant power-flow, the relative intensity noise of the spectral lines emitted by our comb laser are marginal. This is essential for usage in datacom and telecommunication applications.

If you are interested in more information regarding our product, the specification documents on this page provide additional details. Also feel free to contact us for personal consultation and specific applications.

Comb laser – Broad applications of frequency combs for various industries

Our quantum dot comb laser is able to provide the benefits of laser-based frequency combs to a wide variety of industries. This allows a broad spectrum of applications as well as individual solutions based on customer needs:

  • Dense wavelength division multiplex systems (DWDM systems)
  • Fiber optic communications
  • Optical clocks

Since our comb laser is specifically designed to support the development of high capacity DWDM links, it is especially useful when the main focus is the proper transmission of data. This technology can be integrated in various datacom and telecommunication structures to optimize the utilization of bandwidth and simultaneous, loss-free transportation of information, even over long distances.

Quality and excellence – Comb laser with superior performance and extensive applicability

Innolume is the premier manufacturer of „quantum dot“-based Comb diode lasers for application in optical interconnects. Generating a dozen of low noise equidistant spectral lines, this multi-wavelength laser is a perfect light source to feed micro-ring modulators based optical transceivers for DWDM links.

Furthermore, Innolume is developing arrays of DFB lasers and of Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers for operation in combination with Si-photonics in CWDM systems at 1.3 um range.

Innolume – comb laser diodes and many more products for all requirements

From single mode laser and quantum dot laser technology to DBR/DFB laser and beyond – our company is a well-established manufacturer of high-power GaAs-based laser diodes and various similar products. With our dedication and expertise, we deliver finely optimized products for all our clients from several industries – including Datacom, medical services and research as well as industrial applications:

High-end products for our clients deserve only the best – thanks to our internal quality management, our innovative mindset and well-tested development processes, we are happy to deliver excellent solutions on demand.

Durable products
Datacom, medicine, science – our products outdo many conventional laser diodes regarding performance and lifespan. Our comb laser and other products are constructed for utmost precision and provide reliable services for several years.

Individual solutions
Sometimes even we can´t deliver the perfect solution from the beginning. However, we strive to meet all customer needs and are happy to develop custom solutions for the various applications of our clients.

We provide you with high-quality quantum dot laser technology, GaAs-based laser diodes and more to meet your expectations. Feel free to contact us for specific usage or customer-tailored products.