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From Single-Mode Laser Diodes to Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Gain Chips and more – our product range is made to fit your targets. Find the right solution for your needs or get in touch with our experts to find the best solution.

DFB Optical Spectra
DFB & DBR Lasers
Distributed feedback (DFB) and distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser diodes include a monolithically integrated grating (Bragg reflector) as a spectrally selective intracavity element. In contrast to Fabry-Perot lasers, they can generate in a single longitudinal mode, typically with the optical linewidth between few hundreds’ kHz and few MHz.
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Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOA)
Semiconductor optical amplifiers (booster optical amplifiers) are amplifiers which use a semiconductor to provide the gain medium. They have a similar structure to Fabry–Perot laser diodes but with anti-reflection design elements at the end faces.
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BA LD: Free-Space
Multi-mode Edge Emitting High Power Laser Diodes (HPLD) up to 15W in 800-1330nm spectral range on C-mount, submounts or in fiber-coupled version.
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Single-Mode (Fabry-Perot)
Innolume offers a broad portfolio of high power, spatial single-mode laser diodes of any wavelength in the 780nm to 1340nm range. Devices are available either packaged in a 9-mm TO-can with a free-space beam.
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Free-Space Single-Mode Lasers
Innolume offers a broad portfolio of high power, spatial single-mode laser diodes of any wavelength in the 780nm to 1340nm range. Devices are available either packaged in a 9-mm TO-can with a free-space beam.
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Superluminescent Diodes (SLD)
A superluminescent light emitting diode is, similar to a laser diode, based on an electrically driven pn-junction that, when biased in forward direction, becomes optically active and generates amplified spontaneous emission over a wide range of wavelengths.
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Gain-chips (GC)
Gain-chip is the irreplaceable component as a gain medium for the building of the tunable diode laser or high stable external cavity diode laser. Gain-chip is similar to laser diode chip except the fact that it has deep antireflecting coating on one or both facets which significantly increases threshold of self lasing or eliminate it.
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Gain-modules (GM)
The Gain-Module is a similar device to the Gain-Chip, but has one side coupled into single mode fiber. It is greatly applicable for building tunable lasers with a fiber output. Factory made fiber coupling ensures optimized coupling efficiency, long-term stability and excellent reliability.
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Comb Laser
The comb-laser is a light source with a spectrum consisting of frequency equidistant lines, each corresponding to one longitudinal cavity mode. The uniqueness of the comb-laser comes from the number of its lines in conjunction with their superior individual temporal stability.
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Laser Diode Drivers
Innolume offers several compact solutions including 14-pin butterfly mount, current driver and TEC controller in one box. Drivers provide fast and convenient powering of any of Innolume single mode fiber coupled device such as High Power FP/FBG laser, SLD/SOA, or DFB/DBR. Being purchased in one batch, the laser will be comprehensively tested together with the driver.
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Optical Isolators
Innolume offers a broad portfolio of fiber optical isolators in 780-1310nm wavelength range. Isolators could be supplied with any single-mode fiber coupled device (laser, SLD, SOA, gain-module) purchased in our Company.
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Resonant cavity light emitting diode InGaAs/AlGaAs chips operating at 930nm, 960nm, 1170nm, 1240nm and 1270nm.
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Applications – The right fit for you

We combine wavelength coverage with Quantum Dots Technology and advanced chip design to offer standard and custom solutions for many different markets. Rely on Innolume as a top manufacturer for GaAs-basedlaser diodes and learn how we can support you.

Industry and Instruments

Seeding of fiber lasers, sorting, sensoring, OCT and more: When it comes to solutions for industry and research, you can rely on our high-quality standards. Find out how our products can enrich your work.



Medical and Life-Science

From dental to ophthalmology, OCT, from aesthetic to Raman spectroscopy – our products are ideally suited to ensure precision and safety. Learn more about the many possibilities our technology offers.



Datacom and Telecom

Our Quantum Dot technology for the datacom market encompasses product lines for many different datacom architectures. Find out more about our solutions for precise fiber optic communication.




Atomic clocks, quantum technology, external cavity tunable lasers and more – our products are ideally suited for your work in research and development.




We are always working on something new – find out what’s next for us andour customers.

High-Temperature DFB Lasers by Innolume elevates performance standards.
Innolume presented high-temperature DFB lasers at OFC in San Diego that are changing the standards for optical communications. Stay tuned for more news at ECOC 2024 in Frankfurt.
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9. April 2024
Innolume Showcases Breakthrough Technologies at Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition
Innolume showcases 800G DR8 LPO technology and industry knowledge at optical event in San Diego.
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5. April 2024
Exciting Developments in Optical Transceivers at OFC 2024
At OFC you will see revolutionary 800G DR8 LPO transceivers with Innolume Quantum Dot DFB lasers in booth 5251.
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27. March 2024
Postdeadline presentation at OFC 2024
Innolume at the Postdeadline Paper Session II at OFC 2024 (March 28, 5:30-5:45, Room 6E)
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27. March 2024
Innolume GmbH Introduces Breakthrough BDFA for Enhanced Optical Communication
Innolume`s new Breakthrough Bismuth Doped Fiber Amplifier (BDFA)!
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22. March 2024
Visit Us at OFC: We invite you to explore the future of optical communication with Innolume at OFC, Booth 5251.
OFC 2024 San Diego
Learn about Innolume's new Quantum Dot products at OFC 2024!
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19. March 2024
Innolume is at MEETOPTICS now!
Innolume's products are listed at MEETOPTICS, a specialised photonics search to find and compare photonics products easily. The platform has over 90K products and +100 worldwide suppliers.
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17. January 2024
Innolume ramps up production to meet growing demand
Innolume`s Quantum Dot Laser Diode production is expanded!
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15. January 2024
New O band Quantum Dot GaAs SOA with 1W power
Innolume has developed new high power SOA in O Band!
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27. November 2023
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023
Innolume is excited to learn that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2023 was awarded to Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus and Alexei Ekimov for the discovery and development of quantum dots.
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5. October 2023
New SLD at 830nm with 50mW output!
New SLD at short wavelength 830nm is now available!
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19. July 2023
Laser World of Photonics 2023 Munich
Visit us at the largest Photonics Exhibition in Munich!
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1. June 2023
Pump lasers for Bismuth Doped Fiber Amplifiers (BDFA)
Innolume launched the production of 1190nm pump lasers for BDFA with 500mW output power!
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5. May 2023
DFBs with optical isolators to enhance stable operation!
Our Distributed Feedback Lasers are now available with built-in optical isolator to enhance stable operation of the laser!
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21. April 2023
Our Postdeadline Paper presentation at OFC 2023!
Our paper about uncooled O-Band DFB has been sessioned by the Technical Program Committee for a Postdeadline Paper presentation at OFC!
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10. March 2023

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