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Innolume ramps up production to meet growing demand


Innolume GmbH Expands Quantum Dot Laser Diode Production to Meet Growing Connectivity Demands

Dortmund, Germany – January 15, 2024 – Innolume GmbH, a leading innovator and manufacturer of GaAs based Quantum Dot lasers, announces a substantial expansion of its production capacity to address the surging demand for O-band CW lasers and SOAs  in several markets including AI-driven connectivity. For example, according to LightCounting Market Research, shipments of 800+ Gbps Optical Transceivers are expected to nearly double annually over the next five years, driven by the rapid expansion of hyperscale data centers.

To meet this escalating demand and solidify its leadership position, Innolume has placed Purchasing Orders for Riber CPS 442 laser facet passivation machine and Riber 49 MBE system to expand its existing MBE fleet. This investment is a part of the overall on-going investment program to ramp up Innolume’s manufacturing capacities.

The Quantum Dot DFB lasers produced by Innolume are known for their high power, superior reliability, efficient operation at elevated temperatures and ability to work with Silicon Photonics PICs without Optical Isolator, making them the preferred choice for Cloud Networking Systems navigating the complexities of next-generation connectivity.


About Innolume GmbH

Innolume GmbH is a vertically integrated laser diode fab located in Dortmund, Germany, specializing in Quantum Well and Quantum Dot laser diodes based on InGaAs/GaAs material systems. With over 20 years of experience, Innolume serves various market segments, including Datacom, LiDAR and sensing, Industrial, and Scientific applications. The company boasts a customer base of over 100 clients worldwide.

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