Datacom & telecom

Datacom & telecom

High reliability, low sensitivity to optical feedback and operation at high temperature – our Datacom solutions are made for precision and reliability.

Innolume’s Quantum Dot technology for Silicon Photonics Datacom applications

Our Quantum Dot technology offers many possibilities for the fiber optic communication market and our temperature insensitive (up to 100°C) DFB Laser with 100mW output power is ideal for cost-effective and reliable equipment. A broad product range and various customized solutions for Datacom as well as a well-established development and production infrastructure enable us to supply customers from all over the world with high-power technology that meets the highest standards. Our experts are always ready to help you find the right solution!
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An industry highlight: Quantum Dot technology for the datacom market

Over all of its history, Innolume has been working continuously on bringing the advantages of Quantum Dots technology to Datacom and the fiber optic communication market. High reliability, low sensitivity to optical feedback and operation at high temperature have always been attractive advantages sought out by the industry.

“We have to thank all the Tier 1 companies who have been supporting us throughout our development journey. Without their close cooperation and support, it would not have been possible to release products which are exceptionally close to the targets set by the market”, says Alexey Shkolnik, Director Bus.Dev. of Innolume.


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