Life-Science & Medical

Life-Science & Medical

Laser surgery, gas detection, OCT, measurements and more – laser technology has revolutionized the medical field, research and life-sciences. Our products provide high-quality solutions for many different markets and areas.

Life-Science & Medical – high-power solutions for your project

Precision, experience, a wide product range as well as fast turn-arounds in development and production make Innolume the ideal partner for your next project. Whether you are searching for a manufacturer of standard or custom items – we deliver technology that fits your specs and requirements.
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Medical and Life-Science applications for our products.

When it comes to exact measurements and precision, laser technology offers many advantages. Whether for research, testing or direct work with patients: You need reliable products that will ensure safety and reliable results. Our solutions for the medical field and life-sciences are made to provide you with exactly that.

Aesthetic treatments like tattoo removal or body contouring, delicate dental work like conjunctive tissue surgery, reliable gas detection, microscopy, optical coherence tomography, delicate surgery lasers used in the field of ophthalmology, photodynamic therapy, spectroscopy and more– these are just a few of the fields of application for our products.

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