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Innovation, precision and reliability
Innovation, precision and reliability

This is what has made Innolume the premier manufacturer of GaAs-based laser diodes covering 780nm-1350nm spectral window since 2005.

Quantum Dots Technology
Quantum Dots Technology

With a combination of wavelength coverage with Quantum Dots Technology and advanced chip design, we enable our clients to develop cutting-edge industrial, medical and communications applications. Using highly reliable single mode fiber coupling technology we focus mainly on chip production – our current capacity exceeding 5M chips/year.

Since 2004
since 2004

Many years of experience, technical know-how and a full vertically integrated fab are the key to fast turnarounds in the product development and modification – not just of standard items, but also of custom orders.

Our facilities
Our facilities
the necessary technical infrastructure for high quality solutions

We offer a completely integrated solution for fabrication of broad assortment of GaAs-based optoelectronic devices in the wavelength range of 780-1350nm.

Two production scale MBE reactors allow for design flexibility and material choice of (In,Al)GaAs(P,N)/GaAs system. Conventional (In, Al) GaAs quantum well structures cover the standard wavelength range of 780-1180nm whereas proprietary InAs quantum dot technology extends the attainable range all the way up to 1350nm.

Full in-house wafer processing

ensures smooth production of wide variety of standard products and fast development cycles for customized solutions

Passivation technology
passivation technology

Proprietary surface passivation technology applied to the cleaved facets ensures outstanding lifetime figures for a complete spectrum of our high power products. Finely controlled optical layers deposition allows attaining of extremely deep (< 0.01% reflection) antireflection coating on cleaved facets, which is crucially important for low nose performance of our Gain Chips in external cavity and for low spectral ripples of our SOA and SLD products.

Packaging Capabilities
Packaging Capabilities

In-house bonding and packaging capabilities allow for fast prototyping and low-scale production of wide range of products from bare chips or chip-on different types of carrier all the way up to complex packaging solutions like fiber-coupled butterfly package with free-space output.

RIN and Eye-diagram for communications (COMB, DFB, DBR lasers)
Linewidth for single-frequency devices (FBG, DFB, DBR lasers)
Gain and ASE spectra for optical amplifiers (SOA, RSOA, Gain-chips)
Tunability in external cavity for Gain-chips and RSOA
Full characterization of High-power laser diodes (HPLD) for optical frequency doubling (SHG) and Raman-pumping
Pulse characteristics for pulsed lasers
all the necessary equipment

We have all the necessary equipment for chips and modules testing in concordance with a variety of applications

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Why Innolume
what makes us the perfect partner for you
With a broad product range, specialized technical expertise and a reliable and fast production infrastructure, we are your partner when it comes to GaAs-based laser diodes. Offering high-quality products, custom solutions as well as personal and professional service, we are able to provide full support for your project.
Experience, expertise and professional commitment
High-quality products made to fit your needs
Flexible and innovative custom solutions
Personal and comprehensive service